"class" in python practicing

import sysimport twython
print 'Arguments:',sys.argv[1]
nounsstring = open("/Users/ranmo/Desktop/Nouns.txt", "r").read()
adjectivesstring = open("/Users/ranmo/Desktop/Adjectives.txt", "r").read()

nouns = list()
adjectives = list()
newNouns = list()
number =0

nouns = nounsstring.split("\r\n")
adjectives = adjectivesstring.split("\n")
results = dict()
name = sys.argv[1]

api_key = "cbQOYIm4QKOZFfU0udeecg" 
api_secret = "0xfLYKgOpLDfmYqLOujfWdeNBaG4K7AxJKm8e1huM"
access_token = "441793842-SG93JvCP4426PpU9nSRt8yef8cliRY6gRFnMZmjE"
token_secret = "BURRQAN5wZqzfQu9ly7TFiuE5412QtjSTb0G0c5LnPwoE"

twitter = twython.Twython(api_key, api_secret, access_token, token_secret)
response = twitter.get_user_timeline(screen_name=name, count=200)

class tweet(object):
    def __init__(self,result):
        self.results = result
        self.tweet = tweet
        print "hello"

    def isNoun(self, word):
		   if word == "":
			  return False
		   if word.lower() in nouns:
			  return True
			  return False
		   print "noun"

    def isAdjective(self, word):
	   if word == "":
		  return False
	   if word.lower() in adjectives:
		  return True
		  return False

    def newtweet(self):
		self.results = dict()
		for tweet in response:
			mynouns = list()
			myadjectives = list()
			if tweet['retweeted'] is False and tweet['text'][0:2] != "RT":
			  words = tweet['text'].split(" ")
			  for word in words:
			  	if self.isNoun(word):

			  	elif self.isAdjective(word):

			for noun in mynouns:
				nounindex = words.index(noun)
				for adjective in myadjectives:
					adjectiveindex = words.index(adjective)
					if adjectiveindex < nounindex:
						self.results[noun] = adjective
		return self.results

a = tweet(results)
results = a.newtweet()

for key in results:
	print results[key] + "\t\t" + key

Basically, what I did is using the idea which we've learned in the last RWET class to transform my mid-term project into a "class" in python. Also I did a little revise based on the former structure to refine to code as well.

By following the course note, the work was not that tough and complicated. However, because what I have to do was replant the former structure to the "class" logical structure, so the most errors I got were indentation issues which cost me a lot of time.

The interesting thing was after I finish all the debug work until there was no error, I barely could get more than 1 "result", which confused me a lot. I tried a lot. (The "count" in "response" is "count = 10")I printed stuff from the top to bottom of the code and found everything is fine. The turning point is when I check my friend's twitter, I found a tweet: "You. Are." I suddenly realize that this tweet would be neglect by my program because "You" is a noun, but there is no adjective at all. So, I tried to turn up the "count" number...