Please think and do something

What is sharing? How to share? It seems that “share (or sharing)” is getting a hit in every realms. Everyone talks about it. In When Species Meet, Dana Haraway talks about it as well, which let me find out another layer and a kind of parallel universe of the meaning of “sharing”, simultaneously, let me rethink about the essential word I claimed in last post, empathy. I have a big question. “Why it is called ‘sharing’?” How dare could we, human, call that is “share”? I mean that is totally bullshit. Like we are the GOD, we have to share something to other species, otherwise, other species barely could exist and the world will become a hell. That does not make any sense to me. What we have to do is not just something called “sharing”, but combine confession, repaying, plus empathy. Dana mentions that “responsibility” can be shipped only in and for multidirectional relationships. Of course it is. What we human did in recent several hundreds years is totally crazy. Even if you live in New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, you could threaten a penguin’s life and death thousand and thousand miles away. Sounds cool, right? I still remember, when I read the 70 million people NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC issue, which attached with a themed poster. I was totally and shocked and disturbed. As a Chinese, I always be susceptible to population. Population issue created a bunch of problems to Chinese society. And could you imagine other species’ feelings when they face to such a giant mess? Could you imagine how much resources should be or have been plundered for supporting such a huge population? Maybe some people would say other species do not have the intelligence to utilize them. However, I would like to say that innocent is the highest level of intelligence.

“The necessity and the justifications, no matter how strong, do not obviate the obligations of care and sharing pain.”

“…but forgetting the criterion of sharing pain to learn what animals’ suffering is and what to do about it is not tolerable anymore.”

“Response cannot emerge within relationships of self-similarity.”

“Taking the place of the victim is not ‘sharing’.”

In my opinion, “sharing” means you process something. You are the owner. You want to share it with others or not, because you have the right. However, we are not the owner, or not the only owner of what we are using everyday. So, literally, I do not agree that “sharing” is an accurate word to describe something we should do right now. It is obligation, responsibility; instead of something could be called “good manner” or “charity”. Human own other species big. It is the right time and must-do-it time to repay other species. Just for us, before everything is too late, before the universe erases ourselves out of the planet.

Further more, I do think what ethologists have done is essential and meaningful for people to know the nature in a more deeply and comprehensively way. However, I do think ethologists could do more. I believe that every ethologist loves the nature. As they behave as a researcher, meanwhile, they should behave like elocutionists whom play what they know and get from researching for all it’s worth. Reveal the raw and unsatisfied truth and history, tell people what we have got from other species, what other species have lost because of us, and teach people how to grip on reality. Tell people what and where the responsibilities are, not only focus on details, but also highlighting the nature-focused worldview and values. Come up with a relatively universal value reminds people behave themselves. The reason why they have to add this duty into their daily research work is because the world is changing and diverse. Old species keep changing or wiping out everyday, new species come out everyday either. It is almost impossible for scientists and researchers figure them all out like stripping an onion (do not misunderstand me, this attitude is critical for scientific researching), let alone thinking about the approaching big trouble ahead. Let people to believe, believe the nature like believe other religious, so that enable human behave themselves.

Here is an animation video I have seen recently. The same old feeling (when I read NG 70 million theme issue) derived from my heart again when I was watching it, which is the reason why I share it here with you. Enjoy and ask yourself something after watching.