Pride and Prejudice

"Pride" and "prejudice", I think they are the best two words to describe some other "species'" thinkings toward "human". They regard themselves as infallible, intelligent and the masterpiece of the nature. All they concerned is themselves, they are good at foisting their believes and emotions on us to create a lot of stuff, such as animation, movies etc. Oh! I have to mention the master who is the only expert on this topic in the world -- WALT DISNEY. You can not imagine how crazy they are. They are Drawing on Everything, from mouse to dinosaur. However, most of species they have created, to be honesty, were not what they appear to be. I have watched some of them(My owner enforce me! If I refuse to, he would disown me!!!), I have to say, most of them make no any sense to me. Some species could save the world and the universe?! WHAT THE F**K? Anyway, however, the "pride" species does enjoy them!! That is so pathetic!!


Back to what I have learned and what I have thought after reading. So far, some ideas in When Species Meet are really interesting to me:

1) The construction of humankind, only 10% of human genomes occupy body space

2) Figures' thinking: Biological and literary or artistic come together with all of the force of lived reality

Freud: Human's law over the living

3) Fantasy of human exceptionalism

4) Companion species must instead learn to live intersectionally

"species": in proper shape and kind, like company and embodies wealth

To knot companion and species together in counter, in regard and respect is to enter the world of becoming with.

Anna Tsing:"Human nature is an interspecies relationship."

Smuts:"Changes in greetings are a change in the relationship."

With language, it's possible to lie and say we like someone when we don't. However, if the above speculations are correct, closely interacting bodies tend to tell the truth."

In my opinion, some of the ideas above have some commons with traditional Chinese philosophy, which emphasis on exploring the relationship between human and the nature, human and the universe. One of the most representative thinkings is human beings are an integral part of nature, which means human have to keep a peaceful inner-heart to exceed the limitation of five senses(vision, sense of hearing smell taste and touch) to comprehend and interact with the circumstances, in order to, inexhaustiblly, approach the ideal stage of becoming an integral part of nature.