In the Blink of Art

Film, as the seventh art, has a relative short history. But it blends almost all the other former six artistic forms, for example, literature, drama, painting, music, dance and sculpture. The most outstanding difference  between film and other artistic forms is film could use a much broader medium and interaction channels to convey artistic elements. Especially for recent years, more and more advanced technologies have applied in this realm to lead them applied in other realms later. But no matter how the technologies developed, 24 pics/ sec is always the same. Something changed, something did not.

In order to create a better experience, editors have to cut films into different parts and put them together. In the In the Blink of  An Eye, this statement is really interest. Just like some fictions, put different scenarios into a mixed timeline is a great way to enhance the drama effects. Meanwhile,in the Don't Worry, It's Only a Movie, the author gives his own idea:

It is all the more amazing because the instantaneous displacement achieved by the cut is not anything that we experience in ordinary life.

In the following contents, the author gives his guess about why people could accept the cut, because it resembles the way images are juxtaposed in our dreams.

I do not know the guess is right or not, but it does remind me about some scenarios already happened in many movies and might will happen in our real lives.  Begin with the publishing of  The Fifth Element, many science fiction films have some same features. One of the representative scene is people are interacting with others by using screens and interfaces popped up in the air. You can not see any facility(substance) to support such a "ridiculous" technology, and such ridiculous elements, in my opinion, enhance the dramatics in such films undoubtedly. Simultaneously, many people are engaged in bringing such scenes into our real lives.

However, the problem is, seriously, could people live in an immaterial environment, really!? Such scenes describe the people's paradoxical mentality toward the "unsatisfactory"  facts that people want to get away from the natural(material) limitation to get a "satisfied" stage of totally-self-control. However,  people have to rely on all kinds of materials to reach their goals, no matter they are materials or immaterials.

In my graduate dissertation, I did a guess about the root to such interesting contradictory thinking as well(believe me, this is the only "guess" part in my dissertation). The root is dream too. Only in dream, people could do whatever they want, without any time, space and material limitation.

However, ironically, that is it. People could only do it in dreams. In reality, which without or lack of essential clues, people will definitely get lost(because people can not perceive concrete feelings which rely on material environment to exist). I used some physiology theories to prove this phenomenon in my dissertation. Actually, the limitation comes from human's brain instead of  the technical factors. Brain rejects such objects and environments maybe genetically.

The author mentioned how to get feedback from audiences, which remind me that some methods and principles applied in production's user experience test. The author uses the medical word "referred pain" to describe this kind of effect. "They (audiences) will simply tell you where the pain is, not the source of the pain." , which is quite like Jobs' opinion.

In my opinion, a good and sensitive feeling about your idea and project is quite essential, which will save a lot of energies and times in your later work and avoid meaningless lost.

Also, I have learned some techniques about how to shoot as well. There are six essential elements in shooting work.

1) Emotion     51%

2) Story           23%

3)  Rhythm     10%

4)  Eye-trace   7%

5)  Two-dimensional place of screen   5%

6)  Three-dimensional space of action  4%

This is very useful for me, because I am a totally green hand in shooting stuff. So, what I want to shoot is too much. Usually I might fail to get what is the most essential things for expressing my true idea. Focusness is  significant to create an attractive video.

So excited about the effect of our final video & sound assignment. I hope we could all make it well!!