stop this machine?

Have found some common opinions after reading "The Machine Stops ". As a writer, E.M. Forster used his tools to remind people what the future might looks like based on such endless stupid developing path. Words inside of this article portrait a vivid picture which are full of  desperation, irony and scenarios which are weird, crazy and unexpected. However, as a writer, that is all what he can do. I think, as contemporary designers, we could do more to make a better world. Still, I have to say, I have really immerged  into the world this article created, which helped me to recalled many former reading experiences and some of my opinions about design realms.  

As early as the beginning of arts and craft movement lunched in U.K (1859--1910), William Morris argued that machine as some evil without any merit. They claimed the beauty and importance of crafts and try to rebuilt the value of it. They against with the representative of new technology-- machine, claimed that what these cold stupid noisy things can only create is ugliness. After this movement, some sounds claim that this movement is a sign that modern design is about to appear on the scene.

It has been a long time for experts disputed about the pros and cons of design in our daily life. Why is not technology? As we know, Design, as a power tool to make technologies more applicable for regular people, which always be accused as the accomplice of  business men and capitalists. These people drive designers create something attractive to provoke people to consume  resources on our earth as soon as possible. Our world machine keep operating in such fast-peace on this path for many years. Obviously, some disasters already happened, and I do think much more ahead.

What we could do? Stop this machine? But, HOW?

Sometimes, I think, like mainstream western culture with exploit spirit and aggressiveness, western design realm, in a very long time period, are served for occupying market and making profit. The outcome is there, what are accelerated not only is our living standard but also different kinds of catastrophes.

I think we concern about flaunty appearance too much. In most cases, what you could see are all false.  Lao Tz, an ancient Chinese philosopher in the Spring and Autumn Period said that "what can be spoken of is not the true one." Something we thought as reasonable usually are unreasonable at all, because it is reasonable to you not means it is reasonable to others, to environment, to our offspring.  Everyone on earth is one part of the "true", we should comply with this "true" to make our world sustainable. More people violate "true" means our society deviate from "true" more.

What is this "true"? The answer is you will never know what is the "true" exactly. BUT, human could close to the "true" infinitely. The approach to close to it might be love our nature, keep sympathetic, try your best to have a clear mind could see the essence through the appearance.

recommended reading : Design For the Real World, Victor Papanek.