Design Research and Documentation

what is it?

REMEMORY is the new interface designed for digital mourning social practice as an attempt to craft an emotional and meaningful interface to give our digital legacy an end. It focuses on the content on Facebook which has more intimacy. Triggering constant reminding and visiting in a respectful and natural way and minimizing the interaction flow are top two challenges.

the principle that I follow

As designers it is important for us to think more holistically about a product and its experience. Polishing pixels is important but an experience which is so great that the design goes unnoticed is even better. 

Design Research

Here you can see how our funeral culture works and how things involved in contribute to the core value of it. Moreover, why "linkage" matters to mourning social practice. Last but not least, from a perspective of cognitive psychology, I claim that the different recognition of our memory changed before and after someone passed away which leads the mourning behavior as the way to balance the lost (not passed) of our memory. 

Here I was visualizing the theory that Elizabeth held in her book Death, Memory and Material Culture. The less linkage that digital object has comes into the opportunity as well as the challenged for my design. 

This graphic show why I think the current platform and service based on web are so unsatisfied and flimsy for mourning practice. Also, it shows the reason why I attempt to minimize the interaction design into only one step.

f course, Facebook is not a good place for mourning since it has never been designed for that purpose. REMEMORY is a better choice for sure :)  


Presentation and Raw Documentation Video is here 

Also, for fabrication and circuit building documentation, please check other posts in this blog. Thank you!