Presentation video and raw documentation video

In presentation video, I speed up the documentation video for saving some time, also it has lower resolution so that some people questioned about the authenticity of the video. So I am posting the original and raw video (it has all the background and environmental sound), which has flipping and clicking sound (I know it sounds amazing). 

Also, if you came to the ITP Spring Show, you probably have already tried it :)

The first video is my edited presentation video.

Here comes the raw documentation video.

Also I am attaching this testing documentation video here too which you which you can see that it has deviations in the first place. Since it's almost 100% handmade (only the time pulley system is not handmade), I'm always having some instances where calibration isn't correct. Calibration and adjusting on both physical (fabrication) and digital (code) sides cost me huge amount of time...