A group purchasing service(APP) design that crafts people's experience while waiting in a line (both in reality and online). LINEFIT makes group purchasing more social and beneficial for both seller and customer sides. "LINEFIT" means generating benefits when group of people gather together who share same expectations and needs. 

Research and Concept

In concept generating stage, I took the idea of Qi in Taoism into account. “Qi” means the Energy, which makes the reference to the whole world and the foundation of the unity of the world. It is basic source of any tangible and intangible objects, including gods and spirits, as well as humans and ghosts. The vital essence of Qi is called Jing (genuine energy), which is believed to be necessary to create anything when arranged in certain ways, which affects Chinese design thinking a lot also tremendously affects my design belief too (like the theory of “Feng Shui” and “Exists and Nothingness”)

When people gathered together with the same goal, no matter what the motivation behind, Qi will be generated in that specific time and space. People either could use that Qi to make their goal becomes true or ignore the existence of it. If applied this rule to business world, the outcome might even be much clearer. No matter what kind of product it is, if it raises queueing phenomenon, it probably will become a big hit. 

Some Early Ideas about the System

LINEFIT should be a hub for benefiting both company and its customers, which is the prerequisite for a sustainable service. As the system map above shows, LINEFIT needs early adopters and loyal users as launchers initiate invitations, casual users will follow specific group and keep turning on if there is interested special deals and activities.


 When a new product released, on the first hand, Linefit is a good way for propaganda; on the other hand, if the product is expected to be a hit, in terms of the safety problems and other unexpected issues that large queue size might cause, it would be a reasonable resource for seller to insure that everything is up to code, safe and sound by getting acknowledge and predicting the size of line in different location. Last but not least, customer will enjoy exclusive service and benefits from jumping in. 

A chunk of the first time user flow

Product Comparison  

Amazon: Amazon has the largest online shopping community in the States. However, it feels less related to the goods in terms of the experience that users have while online purchasing actually, let alone other shoppers who have the same interests can share thoughts with. 

Groupon: The service that Groupon provides based on both online and local. Unfortunately, the user experience that Groupon crafted is not social at all. They provide limited space and flexibility for reviews sharing and discussions which makes their service not only less consistently high quality, but also dubious. 

LINEFIT: Like Groupon, LINEFIT focuses on both online and offline purchasing, but the strength of it is it gathers shoppers together not only because the goods price here is cheaper, but also they love shoppers here who share commons, and potentially they know who they are. LINEFIT attracts shoppers who especially are expert in types of product and willing to share their experiences with other shoppers. Most importantly, LINEFIT entitles them the opportunity to actively take part in offline activities as a "leader" or "star" to help every fan get a better shopping experience, also get benefited from doing that as well. You can clearly see that the role of users in LINEFIT is way much more positive than in tradition online purchasing. 

Potential Benefits that LINEFIT Brings

For Shoppers:

  • lower price goods
  • share moments and interact with "liners" (LINEFIT users) who share same interests online 
  • meet liners in reality and get the goods they've been desire
  • get plenty of "linefits" from both first party and LINEFIT

For First Party: 

  • drumming up for new products by providing exclusive hierarchical benefits and gifts
  • first party partners can get a better understanding of their fans in different facets by the big data that generated and provided by LINEFIT
  • first party has one more channel to get access to know users' needs via "launchers" (active and expert users in LINEFIT)

UX & UI design for iOS


Nearby page is the start page where every user starts their LINEFIT journey after sign up. It shows queues close by, meanwhile, user can quickly filter out deals close by by clicking on lists based on interests.















"Me" page is the personal hub. It has three main pages: "What's up", "Linefit" and "Friend".

"What's up" is where you can check yourself and your friends' moments and activities. You can like it, jump into friends' lines and also check every detail of them. 











"Me-- Linefit" page is where you can check achievements that you have reached since start using LINEFIT. It is the history of you being socially shopping. 
















"Me-- Friend" page is where saving the contact information of your "line-buddies". They might be your old friends and new friends connected by LINEFIT. 















"Line" page is where all the accessible LINEFIT deals belong to. Users can check all the information about different goods and all lines belong to. Here, user can leave their comments and questions. Launchers can rally up liners by interacting with them, such as answering their questions and concerns, as a way to benefit the community and their own Linefits. 

Most importantly, you can launch your own line as long as you seize the chance, since usually each deal has limited slots for launchers. 











By clicking at the "+" icon at the top right side of "Line" page. User can access to some basic settings for view, such as changing view modes and switching between night and daylight modes.

In addition, since "Line" page is going to be the center of LINEFIT, I encourage users to share and rate our service from here.













"Search" page, where users can quickly access to deals in specific genera they are interested in*.

* The filtering function in "Nearby" page can only filter contents based on users' current location which will provide different outcomes. 













Check detail page by clicking on a product on "Line" page. Also, user can choose either jump into the line or launch his/her line. 















By clicking "jump in line", all the available lines will show up for checking. User can sort the outcome by clicking on the "dual-arrow" icon to change to different priorities, such as "Best Match", "Level", "Closest", "Ending Soonest", etc.















"Launch a line" page is where users give their lines a promising start. A short slogan, time setting and invite friends to jump in are essential to make a beneficial line. 


The previous version of the interface design for Windows Phone 7.8